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You all know that we are continually connecting neighbors around Rock Creek. One of our neighbors, Lee Simon, has found a new and innovative way I wanted to share. From Lee:

We started hosting house concerts about 4 years ago.  Since that time, we have grown to about 10 shows a year and have had artists from all over the country come and play in our living room.  Most are nationally known – the talent level is incredible.  You can find more information at our website –

The shows are adults only.  All donations for admission go straight to the artist – we don’t make a penny on these shows.  They are simply offered for the community.  

If you know of any people in the neighborhood who might be interested, please feel free to pass along  the website.  Of course, you are more than welcome to attend as well.  Our next show is SAT 12 SEP with Robison Treacher, who is flying in from New Jersey just for us.  

All the best,

lee simon

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